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Make your space better with our premium wood goods. We provide a variety of lovely solutions, from flooring to decking, that add rustic charm and beauty to any project.

Sustainable Timber Solutions

responsibly created for a greener future. Our dedication to a more sustainable world and low environmental impact are ensured by the sustainable sourcing of our timber products.

Transform with Timber

The ageless appeal of timber will elevate your area. Our adaptable timber products may change the interiors and exteriors of your home or business, giving warmth and character.

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It has a more complex structure than softwood and is a slower growing type.


Wood that is processed into beams and planks, a process of wood production.


The widest and richest range of exotic wood species from countries of origin.


We take care of all types of transportation

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Eastmate Timber

Eastmate Timber Sdn Bhd is based in Malaysia, with the head office in Seri Kembangan. It operates in the Utility System Construction sector. The company was established on August 17, 2007. In its most recent financial highlights, the company reported a net sales revenue increase of 131.18% in 2021. Its total assets grew by 3.35% over the same period.

Our Product

Eastmate Timber to move from solely retail timber merchants to integrated timber processing


Sawn timber is wood that has been processed by cutting logs or planks into desired sizes and shapes.


Improve the look of your interiors with a fashionable and long-lasting flooring solution that creates an inviting ambiance.


With a beautiful and functional decking solution, you may enjoy outdoor life while increasing the value of your house.

Ceiling & Panel

Elevate your environment with eye-catching wall and ceiling panels that exude elegance.


Achieve a polished look while protecting your walls with stylish and functional skirting boards.

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